How trucking insurance can help you

Commercial trucking is an important career as it is necessary for products to be shipped all over the country. If you are employed in the trucking industry or own your own truck, it is vital that you adequately protect your business. One of the best ways to do this today is through the use of a trucking insurance policy as it can help you in several different ways. 

Cargo Insurance

Getting involved in an accident is always very stressful. However, this could be even more stressful if you drive a truck that contains valuable cargo. If this happens, you could end up losing a lot of money if the load is damaged. Through a trucking insurance policy, you can receive coverage for your cargo due to damage, theft, vandalism, fire, or several other loss-creating situations. 

Liability Insurance

When you drive a truck in the Davie, FL area, you also need to make sure that you are covered for liability. Whenever you drive a truck, you are taking on responsibility. If you happen to cause an accident that leads to damage, you could end up being found liable. A trucking insurance policy will provide you with coverage if you are found liable for damages and help with the costs involved. 

As you are shopping for your next trucking insurance policy, you should reach out to the team at Zot Insurance Agency. Choosing a trucking insurance policy in the Davie, FL area can be complicated and confusing. The professionals at Zot Insurance Agency will help you understand better the risks that come with owning a commercial truck and how you can protect yourself with a quality trucking policy. We can then help you get a quote and answer your questions.

Do Work Site Trailers Need Commercial Insurance?

When it comes to commercial insurance coverage, there are many ways a policy can protect the policyholder. For example, there are many circumstances possible when it comes to housing a business or company like conducting business from a worksite trailer. This is a common practice for construction companies or a business that has recently moved or suffered storm damage and require temporary housing.

Using A Trailer To House An Office Or Business

If you are planning to use a portable office or trailer to conduct your daily processes or to serve as a home base for a business, you may need to purchase additional property insurance or special commercial trailer insurance. In some cases, a provider may not insure the trailer as part of the policy unless the policy value meets certain criteria. Before you begin using a trailer on your job site or as a home base for operation, you should consult with your insurance agent to find a policy that can fit your requirements and provide the right level of coverage.

Finding The Right Policy

Whether you are searching for an all in one policy solution or you want additional insurance to give you coverage for a new commercial office trailer, you can make the process easier by enlisting the help of a professional insurance agent. They can guide you through the selection process and give you options that can provide the ideal amount of coverage to protect from damages and loss. If you live in the Davie, FL area, you can count on Zot Insurance Agency to provide personalized service that can give you peace of mind for your business or company.

Commercial trailer insurance selection can be much easier when you work with a skilled insurance agent. Business and company owners around the Davie, FL area should call or stop by Zot Insurance Agency today to speak with an agent or to schedule a consultation. 

Trucking Insurance FAQS

If you are an owner-operator driving a truck in Florida you need to know all there is to know about trucking insurance in Florida because your very livelihood relies on having your truck even if something bad happens. At Zot Insurance Agency we are happy to answer any questions you have about trucking insurance in Florida. We serve drivers in and around Davie, FL with quality insurance services. 

Trucking Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does trucking insurance differ from regular driver’s insurance? There are higher coverage limits, and the premiums can be higher as well. Regular driver’s do not come across the same risks that a trucker does and a good insurance policy will protect you and your livelihood in case of an accident. 
  • How much coverage do I need? In Florida, you are required to carry a minimum that starts at $10,000 but can grow significantly according to what your cargo is. Ask about specific coverage requirements for your situation. It is a good idea to go beyond the minimum requirements so you have more than minimum aid after an incident. 
  • Should I buy more than my employer covers?  If you are not an owner-operator and are driving under your employer’s insurance policy it may be a good idea to buy an additional umbrella policy to protect yourself further. Discuss your options with our insurance agent, and possibly your employer to see if they want to fund part of your additional coverage. 

Contact us at Zot Insurance Agency to learn more about trucking insurance or to purchase a policy. We serve Davie, FL and the surrounding areas with quality insurance services for all types of drivers. Do not let risk lay in your life or job, get the coverage you need at the price you want. 

Do I Need Fleet Insurance If I Own More Than One Rig?

Owning a trucking company can make for some pretty big decisions. One of the most common is deciding whether or not you want to own two or more trucks. Not only does that require managing logistics, it also means finding the right type of insurance policy that will fully protect your business. Buying more than one semi can provide you the opportunity to invest in fleet insurance which could eventually result in major savings. In Davie, FL, the agents at Zot Insurance Agency can help you figure out what you need.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is designed to cover multiple vehicles that are used in the daily operations of your business. While some insurance companies require you to have at least two vehicles, others can require as many as five before you can be considered for fleet insurance. Vehicles that are maintained under a fleet insurance policy should only be used for the operations of the business.

Discounts for Multiple Vehicles

Insuring each vehicle on a one on one basis can be extremely expensive. Fleet insurance policies allow you to insure all of your vehicles under one policy, eliminating the extra administrative fees while providing you with the same type of coverage for an affordable rate. Rates vary from company to company so talking to your insurance agent is the best way to find out just how much you will save over the course of a year.

The agents of Zot insurance Agency make themselves available to business owners in Davie, FL who own multiple vehicles as part of their business. They can provide all of the answers you will need about fleet insurance. All you have to do is call and set up a consultation.




Does Commercial Insurance Cover Just Your Building?

Commercial insurance is something that all business owners should have. It covers a great deal more than you might expect in addition to your building itself. For those that live in the Davie, FL area, the agents with Zot Insurance Agency can help you find the commercial coverage that works best for you.

A commercial policy is first and foremost in place to protect the physical business itself. This means the building in which it is housed, the inventory, and any other elements that are vital to the working of the business. This also means anything like computers, scanners, or machines that are used to make products for sale for the business. This type of policy also covers your employees. If they are injured on the job, the policy can help pay for medical costs and for time off work.

It can also cover things like customer injury and even lawsuit costs if you are potentially dealing with a lawsuit. These coverages are there to make sure that you can stay open and stay operating through a greater variety of instances and that your business is always going to be working effectively even if something were to happen. Commercial policies can also have supplementary policies built in to protect from things like vandalism, theft, flood and so much more. It is critical that you make sure your commercial coverage fits the business that you are running and that your coverage is going to protect your business from just about anything.

For those that live in the Davie, FL area, the agents with Zot Insurance Agency can help you tailor a policy to your business and to your specific needs to make sure you are covered no matter what comes your way and no matter what you have to deal with.

Trucking Insurance: Excessive Liability Or Umbrella Coverage?

When it comes to your Florida trucking insurance, although the terms excess liability and umbrella liability are often confused as being the same, they are quite different. Zot Insurance Agency is here to help you understand how each type of insurance works. 

Umbrella vs. Excess Liability Insurance 

While there are similarities, there are differences. Umbrella liability is collective. It could reach over general, auto, or employer’s liability, as well as provide coverage when the underlying coverage does not exist. Excess liability is very specific. It is extra coverage over a set amount for all three lines of coverage. What they do share in common is that for either an umbrella or excess liability policy to trigger, the underlying insurance policy line must be exhausted. 

Umbrella Liability and Excess Liability Insurance Coverage 

Both policies provide an excellent solution to help you protect your assets (such as your Davie, FL home) and net worth in the event you are faced with a large claim. The coverages may also meet shipper’s requirements for specific loads. 

For example, excess liability can be written in whereby the carrier chooses not to select the higher limits required by the shipping contract. This provides no coverage for other hauls that the carrier has that do not involve the shipper named on your excess liability policy. If an umbrella policy is triggered due to a claim that doesn’t include the underlying insurance than retention or deductible (typically $10,000 per claim) would apply.  

With ever-increasing claims in the trucking industry, it is smart to consider either an excess liability policy or an umbrella liability policy to protect you and your business. To learn more about umbrella and excess liability or to speak with an agent about your trucking insurance needs, call  Zot Insurance Agency in Davie, FL today. We serve over seven states!

Can You Have More than One Commercial Policy?

When it comes to commercial insurance, it is always best to know just what you can and cannot have. For those that live in the Davie, FL area, the agents with Zot Insurance Agency can help you to determine what type of coverage you need and what type of coverage you want for your business.

When you have a commercial property, it is essential to have a commercial policy to help protect this property from theft, damage, and to help protect the employees that work there, as such, it is essential to figure out what policy is going to work for you. In many cases, you can have as much insurance as you wish on any property. The issue when it comes to having multiple policies is the overall value of the business.

You cannot, for instance, have three policies on one property that amount to more than the property is worth. This causes an issue with most insurance companies as insuring a business for far more than it is worth is going to cost the insurance company a great deal more money to take care of a claim than what the property is actually worth.

In most cases, you are not going to be able to have multiple policies on the same property through the same insurance company. You may be able to insure it through another company, but you always want to speak with an agent about what is legal and what is smart when it comes to insuring your business. You can always insure your business and adjust coverage as needed to guarantee that you are going to be fully covered in the event of an incident.

For those in the Davie, FL area, the agents with Zot Insurance Agency can help you to find the policy that works best for you, and that is going to do the most for your business.  

When do You Need Trucking Insurance?

If you own a business in Davie, FL that uses trucks for hauling equipment or transporting goods, you need trucking insurance to protect your vehicle and cargo. Any business that offers trucking services needs trucking insurance. Although this type of insurance is geared mainly to large companies with fleets of trucks, small business owners can also benefit from the protection this insurance has to offer. By talking to an agent from Zot Insurance Agency, you can get a better idea of the type of trucking insurance coverage you need.

Trucking Insurance Options

Trucking insurance policies come with many coverage options ranging from basic protection to customized coverage. Basic protection often includes collision damage and comprehensive insurance. Collision damage helps cover the repair costs of your vehicle and that of other drivers if you’re found at fault of an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers the costs of damages to your truck from accidents that don’t involve a collision like hail, wind, vandalism, etc. Before getting coverage, take time to assess your risks as this can help you choose the amount and type of coverage you need.

Customized Coverage

If you own a large fleet of trucks and your main business is transporting goods, you can get specialized insurance coverage to protect your assets fully. Options for specialized trucking insurance include commercial collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, auto liability, cargo insurance, and uninsured/underinsured motorist. You can tailor your policy to cover the types of vehicles in your fleet and the services they provide.

In short, you need trucking insurance if your business uses trucks for commercial purposes to haul equipment or supplies, transport hazardous materials, tow heavy machinery, deliver food, ship freight, or perform chauffeur services.

To learn more about trucking insurance and policy costs, contact us at Zot Insurance Agency in Davie, FL.

What Does Commercial Insurance Mean?

When you open up a business, you want to make sure it grows. One way to keep it safe is to have full coverage insurance, such as commercial insurance. Commercial insurance will protect your business from losses that may have to do with natural disasters, theft, employee accidents, or even auto accidents. The Zot Insurance Agency in Davie, FL would like you to inform you about what it means to have commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Types

Having commercial insurance to protect your business can be costly, but worth it if something unexpected happens and you have no way of paying for damages. To be fully covered, you should consider all of the different types of policies under the commercial insurance umbrella. But there are two main types that you should have, at least.

  • Property insurance – Covers your building and equipment, if it is destroyed or damaged.

  • General liability insurance – If someone is injured on your property, then you could be covered for any damages the person received.

Other Types of Coverage

  • Commercial umbrella – This umbrella coverage fills in the gaps that general liability does not cover.

  • Electronic data coverage – With data being stored and developed more and more through the internet, it would be costly to lose it without this coverage.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Is similar to regular auto insurance, including bodily injury, property damage liability, and collision coverage.

Finding the Right Commercial Coverage

In Davie, FL, the professional agents at Zot Insurance Agency are waiting for you to call or stop by. They can happily help you find the right kind of commercial insurance for your business. They can also help you establish other types of insurance for your personal needs as well, such as auto, home, and life insurance.

Basics of Trucking Insurance

As a commercial enterprise, trucking presents special insurance needs. That is why they deserve unique attention from knowledgeable agents. A trucking policy not only has to cover the truck, but it also has to protect the driver and the contents of the truck. These variables need to be addressed in any policy. As the value of the truck’s contents will vary as will the risks facing the driver in certain conditions and areas, it is important that you work with agents that understand these unique needs. The agents at Zot Insurance Agency work for truckers in the Davie, FL area, and several surrounding states. They are well versed in the coverage needs specific to the trucking industry. 

As every trucker is different, there is a variety of policy options available. Some of the considerations include whether you are an owner-operator and drive for a company. Do you have someone who shares the driving with you? They will also need insurance coverage. Does your family come on the road? If so, there may be an additional need for medical coverage while you are away from home. They can also discuss the options that are available to companies with fleets of trucks on the road or who, as part of their business operations, lease trucks.

Truckers find themselves in many different environments with a wide variety of loads. This means that as an owner-operator or a fleet owner, you will need a policy that addresses the risks that you face daily. The team at Zot Insurance Agency specializes in trucking insurance policies. They not only understand the unique needs of their clients in the Davie, FL area, but they also strive to serve the broader needs of truckers and trucking companies throughout the region. Visit our website then call or come by. Get the coverage you need today whether you live in or outside of Florida!