It is Against the Law to Drive Without Car Insurance – Make Sure You Have It

Are you a licensed driver living in Davie, FL? Did you know that in your state, having car insurance is a requirement? The Zot Insurance Agency can provide you with the coverage you need to meet your state’s legal requirements.

Why is it important to have this insurance coverage?

All states require drivers to take financial responsibility for any damage caused by them in a traffic accident. Most lenders will require that you have collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to the required liability.

Auto insurance isn’t only for cars. It is for trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The primary use of this coverage is to provide financial protection against any physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic accidents. In addition, it may provide financial protection in the event of vehicle theft or against damage to the vehicle resulting from incidents other than traffic accidents, such as weather events, natural disasters, or keying.  

Auto insurance laws exist to ensure that everyone is financially responsible for any traffic altercation they may be accountable for. Forty-eight of 50 states have laws requiring all drivers to have minimum liability insurance. There are penalties if you fail to meet the auto insurance requirements of your state.

In addition to liability coverage, you can carry collision and comprehensive insurance to cover your vehicle. However, if your car is older, paid for, and not valued very highly, you may choose not to purchase these optional coverages.

Protect your personal assets and your driving privileges. Make sure you have auto insurance. It would be best to have it unless you live in Virginia or New Hampshire. It is the law!

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