The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

Homeownership can be a wonderful experience. In many cases, owning a home will allow folks to invest in their future. They can buy a house and then later resell it, ideally producing a profit when they do so. Some current and future homeowners are surprised by certain bills and costs. Let’s take a look at some potential surprises. Contact Zot Insurance Agency to discuss home insurance costs if you’re home shopping in or near Davie, FL.

Taxes Must Be Paid

Many state governments and some local governments charge property taxes. How these taxes are set varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. One common method is to charge a percentage of the property’s value, say 1 percent.

Permit Costs Tack on Expenses

Want to add an addition to a new home? Need to run sewage lines? The property owner may need to get a building permit or another permit from the local town government or other authorities. Requirements can vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but many authorities will want to approve plans before construction begins. These permits can get quite expensive.

Home Insurance Is a Must

Homes are a "nest egg" or significant investment for many families. When an older couple retires, they may sell a home to pay for a home in a retirement community or a smaller house since their kids have moved out.

Since homes are expensive, home insurance is wise. Specifics vary from policy to policy, but home insurance will provide protection should homes be damaged by certain events. Home insurance prices can be impacted by many things, including the property’s value and local risk factors, like weather patterns.

It’s wise to consider home insurance costs when considering mortgages, taxes, and other payments. Speaking of mortgages, many lenders will require that homeowners take out insurance on financed properties. Need to discuss home insurance? Folks living in the vicinity of Davie, FL, should get in touch with Zot Insurance Agency.