Which Types of Commercial Insurance Must Your Business Get?

As a small business owner or manager in Davie, FL, you might wonder what type of insurance your enterprise is legally obligated to obtain. We invite you to explore your commercial insurance requirements with us at the Zot Insurance Agency. Here, we elucidate some of the insurance types you’ll need as per state, county, and local government directives. Keep in mind that Florida laws mandate every business with employees to secure workers’ compensation insurance.

Which Insurance is Mandatory?

Workers’ compensation insurance is compulsory if your business employs personnel (with a few exceptions). Commercial auto insurance is required if your company owns vehicles for business purposes. Liability insurance safeguards your business against claims that your products have caused injury.

Though workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance are the only insurance types mandated by Florida law, your city or county may necessitate additional insurance. It’s advisable to check with your local occupational licensing office to decipher these requirements. Moreover, if your business property or building is financed via a bank, the bank might require you to obtain commercial insurance for your property, building, or inventory.

Contact Zot Insurance Agency to Discuss Your Commercial Insurance Needs

At Zot Insurance Agency, our independence enables us to offer you a selection of commercial insurance that empowers you to decide based on your business requirements. We are eager to partner with your organization and have done so with various companies in the Davie, FL, area for many years. Our focus is on establishing a robust business relationship that will sustain your business as it expands. Call us now to schedule a meeting with one of our professional agents to review your ongoing insurance needs.