How To Get The Most Out of Your Home Insurance

Home insurance is a worthwhile investment because it protects one of your home’s most valuable assets. If you have homeowners insurance, congratulations! However, are you getting the most out of your policy? Zot Insurance Agency shares tips on harnessing the power of your home insurance.

Know your policy

Most homeowners know the basics about their home insurance — a lot is lost in the details. For instance, many home insurance policyholders know home insurance covers stolen personal belongings; however, most don’t know this coverage extends to items lost in the car.

Educating yourself about the ins and outs of your policy can save you from unnecessary losses. You can get information about your home insurance by scrutinizing your policy document or talking to your insurance agent.

Keeping a home inventory

Having an inventory ready can be a lifesaver, especially when significant disasters occur. An updated inventory list ensures nothing is left out when filing a claim. Besides a list, you can go a notch higher by keeping updated photos of your assets.

Update your policy regularly.

Zot Insurance Agency recommends you review your home insurance every year. This ensures you pay the right premiums and that your current insurance needs are well covered.

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for a year to pass to update your home insurance. If you make significant home renovations, welcome a dangerous pet, or install a swimming pool, you should talk to your insurer immediately to update your policy.

Protect your prized home with home insurance

Do you want to learn more about home insurance in Davie, FL? Shopping or renewing your home insurance? Please contact Zot Insurance Agency for all your home insurance solutions. Whether you need a portion or comprehensive home insurance, you can trust us for all your home insurance needs.