Four things you’ll love about your home insurance policy

Home insurance is essential to have if you own a home in Davie, FL. Are you looking for the right home insurance policy? We can help at Zot Insurance Agency. We can offer you a home insurance policy with many great features you’ll love.

The following are four things that you’ll love about your home insurance policy. 

Home insurance protects a policyholder’s personal belongings.

Some consumers don’t realize that home insurance doesn’t just protect a home’s value. Home insurance also protects the value of the personal effects within the home. 

When you have home insurance, you enjoy coverage for the belongings that you keep in your home up to a certain maximum coverage amount. 

Many home insurance policies offer coverage for damages caused by identity theft.

You might not realize it, but your home insurance policy can actually serve as a safety net that protects you against identity theft damages.

Check the fine print of your policy, and you may discover that it covers you for any credit monitoring fees or legal fees you may face if your identity is stolen. 

Home insurance can pay for temporary housing after extensive home damage.

It’s scary to experience extensive home damage that renders your home uninhabitable. Fortunately, you can rely on your home insurance if this happens.

Home insurance typically includes additional living expense coverage so you can stay in a hotel or alternative housing while your home is being repaired. 

Home insurance helps consumers qualify for mortgage loans.

Mortgage lenders all require that borrowers have home insurance. Home insurance makes it easier to get a mortgage loan. 

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