What happens if my auto insurance lapses in Davie, FL?

It’s always a good idea to keep your car insurance current. Having insurance protects you and the people you encounter. Nobody plans on having an accident, and having insurance makes sure that there are procedures that can take care of everyone when something unfortunate happens.

Lapsed Insurance

Unfortunately, some people in Davie, FL have allowed their auto insurance to lapse. Sometimes, it’s an accident, such as moving and forgetting to update your information for renewal. Sometimes, it’s deliberate because people think they can’t afford it. However, the cost of getting caught without insurance is usually more than that of continued coverage, especially if an accident occurs.

When you are in an accident in Davie, FL, you are required to provide proof of insurance. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) may even receive the information directly from your insurer if you allow your insurance to lapse.

Legal Consequences

You will have an opportunity to prove that you did have insurance, but the first offense under the law for not having insurance is $150. You may also face suspension and have to pay reinstatement fees. A second offense within three years will cost $250, while a third offense will run you $500. You also face a suspension on your registration, and you may be unable to register your vehicle for three years.

You also want to consider that if you allow your insurance to lapse, your new insurance company will notice the lapse when you try to get auto insurance again. Considering all the potential problems if your insurance lapses in Davie, FL, it is best to find a way to keep your coverage current if at all possible. If you need help or have questions about auto insurance, please call Zot Insurance Agency today.

It is Against the Law to Drive Without Car Insurance – Make Sure You Have It

Are you a licensed driver living in Davie, FL? Did you know that in your state, having car insurance is a requirement? The Zot Insurance Agency can provide you with the coverage you need to meet your state’s legal requirements.

Why is it important to have this insurance coverage?

All states require drivers to take financial responsibility for any damage caused by them in a traffic accident. Most lenders will require that you have collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to the required liability.

Auto insurance isn’t only for cars. It is for trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The primary use of this coverage is to provide financial protection against any physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic accidents. In addition, it may provide financial protection in the event of vehicle theft or against damage to the vehicle resulting from incidents other than traffic accidents, such as weather events, natural disasters, or keying.  

Auto insurance laws exist to ensure that everyone is financially responsible for any traffic altercation they may be accountable for. Forty-eight of 50 states have laws requiring all drivers to have minimum liability insurance. There are penalties if you fail to meet the auto insurance requirements of your state.

In addition to liability coverage, you can carry collision and comprehensive insurance to cover your vehicle. However, if your car is older, paid for, and not valued very highly, you may choose not to purchase these optional coverages.

Protect your personal assets and your driving privileges. Make sure you have auto insurance. It would be best to have it unless you live in Virginia or New Hampshire. It is the law!

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Three auto insurance features you may want on your policy in Florida

You can make your auto insurance policy more convenient by adding on certain features. At Zot Insurance Agency, we offer auto insurance policies in Davie, FL with many different feature options that you’ll want to know about.

The following are three auto insurance features you may want on your policy in Florida. 

Automatic payments

When you have automatic payments, you don’t have to remember to pay your auto insurance premium each month. Your auto insurance premiums are automatically taken out of your account when they’re due.

Automatic payments minimize the chances that you will miss an auto insurance payment. They also mean that you’ll have one less bill you have to remember to make a payment each month. Some insurance providers will even offer you a small discount if you use automatic payments. 

Rental car coverage

Rental car coverage is another really convenient feature to have on your auto insurance policy. With rental car coverage, you’ll have a rental car automatically paid for if you need alternate transportation while your own vehicle is being repaired after an accident.

Roadside assistance

A roadside assistance feature will really help you out if you’re out driving and your vehicle breaks down.

With roadside assistance, a tow truck will be sent out to pick up your vehicle and take it to a mechanic in the event of a breakdown. From there, you can get the necessary repairs and have your vehicle back out on the roads again quickly. 

If you need to find an auto insurance policy in Davie, FL, we’re here to help at Zot Insurance Agency. Contact us by phone or visit our website to learn more about our policy options in Florida. 

Considerations before purchasing car insurance

Whether you recently purchased a new or used vehicle, you need to choose the best car insurance to be compliant with Florida state laws and to protect your investment. Before you hastily decide on the type of policy you need, there are several things you should consider first to ensure you get the best coverage to meet your needs.

Insurance Rates

Many things are considered when determining the rate you will pay for car insurance, such as age. Younger and less experienced drivers usually pay more for an insurance policy while more seasoned drivers receive a discounted rate. This holds true if you have a good driving record, as well. Your credit score can also determine how much you will pay, so be sure to pay your bills on time to save money later.

Coverage Requirements

The laws governing car insurance in Davie, FL require that all motorists carry at least liability insurance with $10,000 bodily injury per person per accident. Liability insurance normally covers the other person’s vehicle and any property damage that occurs from the accident if it is deemed to be your fault.

Full coverage policies typically include comprehensive insurance, which means if your vehicle catches on fire, is stolen or vandalized, or is the subject of any other non-crash incidents, the damage will be covered by your insurance policy. Collision coverage is also included, which means repairs to your vehicle are covered, at least partially, no matter who is at fault. You will also have personal injury protection for yourself and any passengers in your car if another driver hits you. Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection is usually an option, although it can be required. This will cover your vehicle repairs if the driver at fault does not have insurance or is underinsured.


Most insurance policies have a deductible. The higher the deductible you choose, the lower your insurance premiums will normally be.

Type of Vehicle

The make, model, and year of your vehicle will also impact the amount you will pay for insurance. Having a sports car can be a lot of fun, but it can also cost you more in insurance premiums.

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