What to Expect if You’re Having Problems Getting Florida Auto Insurance

There are many reasons why you would be denied Florida auto insurance. You may have a poor driving record, too many claims, or have let your previous policy lapse in payments. These are the most common reasons.

If it happens to you, know you are not alone. You can still get auto insurance. At Zot Insurance Agency, we want every Davie, FL driver to get the insurance they need. We can help you find the solution that works.

Most Common Reasons To Be Declined for Florida Auto Insurance

The most common reasons for being declined for Florida auto insurance are:
• Poor insurance rating (non-payment, high claims)
• Your car is expensive or fast (insurance companies see claims on these cars and want to avoid this)
• Bad driving record (speeding tickets or other moving violations)
• A lot of car accidents
• One or more DUI on your record

When you have been denied auto insurance in Florida, you may not always be told why if you have filled out an online application. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get auto insurance. 

The best way to handle the problem is to talk to an insurance agent that can look at your insurance file and help you figure out the problem. From there you can consider your options.

What to Expect When You’ve Been Denied

The most common thing to expect when you have been denied auto insurance is a hike in your insurance rates. You will likely be considered a high-risk driver at that point and will see insurance rates in that range for approximately three years.

If you have a good driving and claims record for those three years, your rates will come back down again. That is the most common thing to expect when you are having problems getting car insurance.

If you can not get insurance because you have a DUI on your record, that is a separate kind of high-risk insurance. You will need SR22 or FR44 insurance, which most insurance companies can do for you.

Another option for you if you can not get insurance is to get added onto someone else’s car insurance as a secondary driver.

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These are just a few things to expect when you get denied for Florida car insurance. At Zot Insurance Agency, we want to work with all Davie, FL drivers to help them get the solutions they need. Call us for a quote today.