Does Trucking Insurance Cover Just the Cargo?

You’ll need trucking insurance if you are a truck driver who wants to protect your investments and give yourself job security. The experts at Zot Insurance Agency serve the residents in and around the Davie, FL, area to help them get the coverage necessary to prevent loss and offer peace of mind to owners/operators. 

Trucking Insurance Coverage 

When you select a trucking insurance policy, ensure you know the terms and conditions when covering cargo. Most policies offer cargo insurance, but the coverage usually has limitations. In instances where the value of the cargo exceeds your coverage, you may have additional policy options in place to offer more comprehensive protection. 

If you’re ready to get top-quality trucking insurance coverage, our agents can help. They carefully assess your situation and determine which policy options and add-ons work best for your needs. Every person has unique insurance needs, so getting the proper coverage is very important. We take what we offer seriously and strive to help people gain protection through the right insurance coverage. 

Once you choose a policy, we work hard to ensure you understand the terms and conditions and will answer questions you may have at any time. We are also prepared to assist you with any changes to the policy or claims submissions. We are committed to offering excellent customer service when you need it. 

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