When do You Need Trucking Insurance?

If you own a business in Davie, FL that uses trucks for hauling equipment or transporting goods, you need trucking insurance to protect your vehicle and cargo. Any business that offers trucking services needs trucking insurance. Although this type of insurance is geared mainly to large companies with fleets of trucks, small business owners can also benefit from the protection this insurance has to offer. By talking to an agent from Zot Insurance Agency, you can get a better idea of the type of trucking insurance coverage you need.

Trucking Insurance Options

Trucking insurance policies come with many coverage options ranging from basic protection to customized coverage. Basic protection often includes collision damage and comprehensive insurance. Collision damage helps cover the repair costs of your vehicle and that of other drivers if you’re found at fault of an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers the costs of damages to your truck from accidents that don’t involve a collision like hail, wind, vandalism, etc. Before getting coverage, take time to assess your risks as this can help you choose the amount and type of coverage you need.

Customized Coverage

If you own a large fleet of trucks and your main business is transporting goods, you can get specialized insurance coverage to protect your assets fully. Options for specialized trucking insurance include commercial collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, auto liability, cargo insurance, and uninsured/underinsured motorist. You can tailor your policy to cover the types of vehicles in your fleet and the services they provide.

In short, you need trucking insurance if your business uses trucks for commercial purposes to haul equipment or supplies, transport hazardous materials, tow heavy machinery, deliver food, ship freight, or perform chauffeur services.

To learn more about trucking insurance and policy costs, contact us at Zot Insurance Agency in Davie, FL.