The Emergence of Data Breach Insurance in the Commercial Insurance World

Commercial insurance comes in many different varieties. There is commercial insurance to help you when it comes to liability, property coverage, auto, and more. An emerging type of commercial insurance, though, is taking hold, and that is data breach insurance. The team at Zot Insurance Agency can help educate any Davie, FL business about data breach insurance and its many benefits.

What is Data Breach Insurance

The concept of data breach insurance is to protect your business if there is a data breach. Any small business subject to a data breach could reveal personally identifiable information or personal health information due to the incident. How do you respond to this and also protect any liability you may face as a result?

Data breach insurance provides protection so that you have adequate coverage if customers sue you after the data breach or your systems go down for some time.

The Need for Data Breach Insurance

There are many different scenarios where data breach insurance makes a lot of sense. Day your computers get a virus, exposing personal information. Back to the lawsuit example, say you lose data, and your customers decide to sue. You could also face many public relations costs as you try to protect the reputation of your business. These are areas where data breach insurance can come in handy.

The team at Zot Insurance Agency is here to help educate small businesses across Davie, FL, and abroad about data breach insurance. Commercial insurance is wide-reaching and can protect you in many ways, with data breach insurance being one of the newest and most value-add.