What Does Commercial Insurance Mean?

When you open up a business, you want to make sure it grows. One way to keep it safe is to have full coverage insurance, such as commercial insurance. Commercial insurance will protect your business from losses that may have to do with natural disasters, theft, employee accidents, or even auto accidents. The Zot Insurance Agency in Davie, FL would like you to inform you about what it means to have commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Types

Having commercial insurance to protect your business can be costly, but worth it if something unexpected happens and you have no way of paying for damages. To be fully covered, you should consider all of the different types of policies under the commercial insurance umbrella. But there are two main types that you should have, at least.

  • Property insurance – Covers your building and equipment, if it is destroyed or damaged.

  • General liability insurance – If someone is injured on your property, then you could be covered for any damages the person received.

Other Types of Coverage

  • Commercial umbrella – This umbrella coverage fills in the gaps that general liability does not cover.

  • Electronic data coverage – With data being stored and developed more and more through the internet, it would be costly to lose it without this coverage.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Is similar to regular auto insurance, including bodily injury, property damage liability, and collision coverage.

Finding the Right Commercial Coverage

In Davie, FL, the professional agents at Zot Insurance Agency are waiting for you to call or stop by. They can happily help you find the right kind of commercial insurance for your business. They can also help you establish other types of insurance for your personal needs as well, such as auto, home, and life insurance.