Basics of Trucking Insurance

As a commercial enterprise, trucking presents special insurance needs. That is why they deserve unique attention from knowledgeable agents. A trucking policy not only has to cover the truck, but it also has to protect the driver and the contents of the truck. These variables need to be addressed in any policy. As the value of the truck’s contents will vary as will the risks facing the driver in certain conditions and areas, it is important that you work with agents that understand these unique needs. The agents at Zot Insurance Agency work for truckers in the Davie, FL area, and several surrounding states. They are well versed in the coverage needs specific to the trucking industry. 

As every trucker is different, there is a variety of policy options available. Some of the considerations include whether you are an owner-operator and drive for a company. Do you have someone who shares the driving with you? They will also need insurance coverage. Does your family come on the road? If so, there may be an additional need for medical coverage while you are away from home. They can also discuss the options that are available to companies with fleets of trucks on the road or who, as part of their business operations, lease trucks.

Truckers find themselves in many different environments with a wide variety of loads. This means that as an owner-operator or a fleet owner, you will need a policy that addresses the risks that you face daily. The team at Zot Insurance Agency specializes in trucking insurance policies. They not only understand the unique needs of their clients in the Davie, FL area, but they also strive to serve the broader needs of truckers and trucking companies throughout the region. Visit our website then call or come by. Get the coverage you need today whether you live in or outside of Florida!