Ways to Improve your Homeowner Insurance Risk Standing

Insurance companies pay attention to risk in every policy they approve and provide to consumers, and homeowners are no exception. So when a consumer in Davie, FL or anywhere in the state takes the time to reduce risk in a home that is covered, insurers often reward the consumer because it benefits the safety of the home as well as reduces their chance of having to address a damage claim. The most common way to reduce risk is to install a home alarm; this is a well-known discount and is even identified by insurers to new clients. However, there are other steps one can take as well.

Automatic water shut-offs are a newer tool, thanks to advancing technology, that are a big winner with home insurers, according to Zot Insurance Agency. The most common cause of water damage in a home tends to be a burst pipe or unidentified leak behind the internal walls of a home. Now, there are easy to install tools that monitor water presence and moisture around the highest risk water systems in a home, and this shuts the water flow to them if triggered. The water heater is a perfect example. Old heaters are notorious for springing leaks, and the water flow will normally continue if not shut off. An automatic moisture sensing monitor will solve this problem almost as soon as the leak happens and spreads.

Shatter proof windows are another method insurers like. Smash and grabs are common in neighborhoods where people commonly leave during the day for work. Higher temper glass makes it much harder to get in, even stopping some attempts. That also reduces losses. Again, the big benefit is a reduction of risk for the homeowner and insurer. If you need help finding out what benefits you can receive for  your home in Davie, FL, call Zot Insurance Agency today. We can guide you on exactly what changes to make and which will benefit you the most.